PhD Student

Moustafa AbdelBaky is a PhD student at Rutgers University and an IBM PhD Fellow. He received his undergraduate degree from the Rutgers School of Engineering with a major in Electrical & Computer Engineering, and a major in Computer Science.

His past research experiences include DISCOVER, an interactive portal for interactive steering of scientific applications, using virtual reality for rehabilitation at the Human-Machine Interface Lab at Rutgers University in collaboration with Indiana University School of medicine, mobile development in collaboration with Bloomberg LP, experiments with Single Electron Transistors and nano technology at Rutgers University, and the development of ElVis (A Scientific Graphics for Visualization and Monitoring Software) in collaboration with Princeton's University Plasma Physics Laboratory.

He is currently working with IBM T.J. Watson Research Center on developing a framework that integrates IBM's Blue Gene supercomputer with public clouds, mobile and desktop peripherals to provide HPC as-a-service. He is also working CometCloud, an autonomic cloud engine build on top of a robust and scalable overlay, which provides programming platforms (MapReduce, Workflow, Master/Worker/BOT) that run on dynamically federated HPC (HPC cluster, BlueGene/P) and Cloud infrastructure (Amazon EC2). Finally he is working on providing HPC as-a-service on all three levels (infrastructure, platform, and software as a service) using hybrid infrastructure such as Open Science Grid, Amazon EC2, Future Grid, and XSEDE.

Research Interests:  
  • Parallel and distributed computing
  • Cloud computing
  • High performance computing
  • Mobile and user interface development
Contact Information: 
96 Frelinghuysen Road Room 623, CoRE Piscataway, NJ 08854

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