CPS Lab member Mehdi Rahmati and Professor Dario Pompili received the Best Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS-2017).  Their paper titled “SSFB: Signal-Space-Frequency Beamforming for Underwater Acoustic Video Transmission” was presented at the conference which was held in Orlando, FL, on October 22-25, 2017.

IEEE MASS is a premier, annual forum for sharing original, novel ideas in mobile ad hoc networks and wireless sensor networks, defined broadly. Wireless ad hoc communications, Internet of Things, and mobile computing are increasingly being used in civilian and military applications in homes and businesses, cities and rural areas, sea and space. Wireless sensor and actuator networks are being widely deployed for enhancing industrial processes and management, for various forms of environmental monitoring and control, and for improving quality of life. The paper is available here.

A photo of the winners with their award is here.

Congratulations to Mehdi and Prof. Pompili on this accomplishment!

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