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Personal and handheld computers are widely available for personal use. However, they are not as fast or as powerful as super computers. This is a challenge for scientists and researchers running complicated calculations on personal computers. On the other side, super computers are much more powerful but they are not widely available due to many factors such as size and cost. Even when super computers are available, they are complicated to manage and use. Therefore an ultimate solution would be to harness the power of super computers while providing the ease and availability of a personal or a handheld computer.


iCode system combines the ease of use and accessibility of a personal computer with the computing power of a super computer. Using MATLAB as an easy and accessible front-end, and a super computer as a powerful engine at the back-end, the system gives the user the ability to do complex computation on their personal computer. The system also introduces interactive monitoring and dynamic steering functionalities for a submitted job through a web browser by using the DISCOVER [1] infrastructure. iCode system manages the super computer resources efficiently by using the Comet [2] infrastructure. Comet infrastructure uses a demand-based policy to allocate resources for jobs. Jobs are served on a first-come first-served basis. Comet infrastructure also splits the given job into smaller jobs that can be run in parallel on the super computer.

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