Discover Interaction and Collaboration Server

The DISCOVER interaction/collaboration server builds on a traditional web server and extends its functionality to handle real-time information, and to serve client requests and application connections. Extension is achieved using Java servlets (server side Java programs). Each server consists of a number of handler servlets running to provide different interaction and collaboration services. Clients connect to the server using standard HTTP communication using a series of HTTP GET and POST requests. At the other end, application-to-server communication is achieved either using standard distributed object protocols like CORBA and Java RMI, or a more optimized, custom protocol using TCP sockets. The core service handlers provided by each server include, the Master Handler, Collaboration Handler, Command Handler, Security/Authentication Handler and a Daemon Servlet that listens for application connections. In addition to these core handlers, there can be a number of handlers providing auxiliary services such as session archival, database handling, visualization, request redirection, and remote application proxy invocations (using CORBA). These services are optional and need not be provided by every server.

The National Science Foundation DARPA Dept of the Navy Science and Technology Department of Energy Department of Homeland Security

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