Towards Real-time Vital Sign Data Processing in Mobile Computing Grids for Advanced Operational Neuroscience


In warfare – whether conventional or irregular – soldiers inevitably get in harm’s way. In such situations, there is a need for real-time in-situ analysis of neuro/physiological parameters under situational context to generate actionable knowledge about soldiers’ psychophysiological condition. The knowledge extracted from this analysis can then be exploited 1) to estimate extent of fatigue as well as mental stress and associate it with the current and past activities and/or experiences of the soldier, 2) to assess the adaptability of individuals and the team to high-stress environments, and 3) to infer the overall physical fitness levels and team performance.

Real-time in-situ parallel processing of neuro/physiological models will push the boundaries of operational neuroscience by enabling seamless transformation of theoretical concepts from the lab into systems on the field. Our solution represents a transformative shift from the previous works as it enables novel applications that require real- time in-situ processing of locally generated data and ensures application QoS even in highly dynamic and unpredictable environments (e.g, battlefield).


The National Science Foundation DARPA Dept of the Navy Science and Technology Department of Energy Department of Homeland Security

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