ICAC Topics of Interest

  • Autonomic computing systems or prototype systems that exhibit self-monitoring, self-configuration, self-optimization, self-healing, and/or self-protection.
  • Software architectures for self-managing systems, based on interoperable Grid Services, agent-based systems, Web Services, or novel paradigms such as biological, economic or social.
  • Specific self-managing components, such as server, client, database, storage, or network elements. Emphasis should be placed on interactions with other components, or techniques or lessons that may generalize to other components.
  • Toolkits, environments, models, languages, runtime and compiler technologies for building self-managing components, systems or applications.
  • New technologies supporting system management, such as those based on service-level agreements, negotiation or conversation support, and behavior enforcement.
  • System-level technologies, middleware or services that entail interactions among two or more components of self-managing systems (e.g., health monitoring, dependency analysis, problem localization or remediation, workload management, and provisioning).
  • Interfaces to autonomic systems, including user interfaces, interfaces for monitoring and controlling behavior, techniques for defining, distributing, and understanding policies.
  • Fundamental science of self-managing systems: understanding, controlling, or exploiting emergent behavior, theoretical investigations of coupled feedback loops, predictive methods, robustness, and related topics.
  • Experiences with autonomic system or component prototypes: measurements, evaluations, or analyses of system behavior, user studies, or experiences with large-scale deployments of self-managing systems or applications.

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