International Conference on
Autonomic Computing (ICAC-04)









 Jeffrey Kephart, IBM Research, USA
    Manish Parashar, Rutgers Univ., USA


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   Paper submissions: January 12, 2004
   Tutorial submissions: January 30, 2004
   Poster submissions: February 9, 2004
   Author notification: February 28, 2004
   Final manuscripts due: March 8, 2004
   Conference: May 17-18, 2004










Sunday, May 16, 2004

            1300-1700: Tutorial 1: Autonomic Grid Computing (Abstract)

            1300-1700: Tutorial 2: Research Challenges of Autonomic

                                Computing: An Industry Perspective (Abstract) - CANCELLED


Monday, May 17, 2004 

            0730-1700: Registration

            0800-0830: Coffee

            0830-0845: Opening and Introductory Remarks

            0845-0930: Keynote presentation

            0930-1045: Session 1 (3 presentations)

            1045-1115: Break

            1115-1230: Session 2 (3 presentations)

            1230-1345: Lunch break

            1345-1500: Session 3 (3 presentations)

            1500-1530: Break

            1530-1645: Session 4 (3 presentations)

            1700-2000: Poster session and reception

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

            0730-1200: Registration

            0800-0830: Coffee

            0830-0915: Keynote presentation

            0915-1030: Session 5 (3 presentations)

            1030-1100: Break

            1100-1230: Session 6A (4 presentations)

            1100-1230: Session 6B (4 presentations)

            1230-1345: Lunch break

            1345-1515: Session 7A (4 presentations)

            1345-1515: Session 7B (4 presentations)

            1515-1545: Break

            1545-1730: Panel Discussions

            1730-1800: Closing remarks


ICAC 2004 PROGRAM: Sunday, May 16 2004


1300-1700: Tutorial 1: Autonomic Grid Computing (Abstract)

                                    Prof. Manish Parashar (Rutgers University, USA)

                                    Prof. Salim Hariri (University of Arizona, USA)


1300-1700: Tutorial 2: Research Challenges of Autonomic Computing: 

                                    An Industry Perspective (Abstract) CANCELLED

                                    Chair: Dr. Jeffrey Kephart (IBM Research, USA)


ICAC 2004 PROGRAM: Monday, May 17 2004


0830-0845  Opening and Introductory Remarks


0845-0930  Keynote Presentation I: 

                   Why Recovery Should Be Free, and Often Can Be (Abstract)

                   Prof. Armando Fox, Stanford University


0930-1045  Session 1: General Architecture and Environment for

                                   Autonomic Computing Systems I

·  An Architectural Approach to Autonomic Computing

         Steve White, James Hanson, Ian Whalley, David Chess, and Jeff Kephart

·  Component-based Programming Model for Autonomic Applications

         Hua Liu and Manish Parashar

·  Usable Autonomic Computing Systems: the Administrator's Perspective

         Rob Barrett, Paul Maglio, Eser Kandogan, and John Bailey


1045-1115  Break 


1115-1230  Session 2: AI and Learning for Autonomic Computing Systems

·  Discovering Correctness Constraints for Self-Management of System Configurations

         Emre Kiciman and Yi-Min Wang

·  A Statistical Learning Approach to Failure Diagnosis

         Mike Chen, Alice Zheng, Jim Lloyd, Michael Jordan, and Eric Brewer

·  File classification in self-* storage systems

         Michael Mesnier, Eno Thereska, Gregory Ganger, Daniel Ellard, and Margo Seltzer


1230-1345  Lunch Break


1345-1500  Session 3: Performance Management in Autonomic Computing Systems I

·  Self-Optimization in Computer Systems via On-Line Control: Application to Power


        Nagarajan Kandasamy, Sherif Abdelwahed, and John Hayes

·  Assessing the Robustness of Self-managing Computer Systems under Highly Variable


         Mohamed Bennani and Daniel Menasce

·  Utility Functions in Autonomic Systems

        William Walsh, Gerald Tesauro, Jeffrey Kephart and Rajarshi Das


1500-1530  Break


1530-1645  Session 4: Autonomic Computing in Massively Distributed Systems I

·  Autonomic Pervasive Computing based on Planning

         Anand Ranganathan and Roy Campbell

·  Transparent Self-Optimization in Existing CORBA Applications

         S. Masoud Sadjadi and Philip McKinley

·  The Organic Grid: Self-Organizing Computation on a Peer-to-Peer Network

         Arjav Chakravarti, Gerald Baumgartner, and Mario Lauria


1700-2000  Poster Session and Reception


ICAC 2004 PROGRAM: Tuesday, May 18 2004


0830-0915  Keynote presentation II: 

                   Multi-agent Systems and Autonomic Computing (Abstract)

                   Prof. Nick Jennings, Southampton University


0915-1030  Session 5: System-level Technologies for Autonomic Computing

·  Towards a Self-Managing Software Patching Process Using Black-Box Persistent-State


         John Dunagan, Roussi Roussev, Brad Daniels, Aaron Johnson, Chad Verbowski,

         and Yi-Min Wang

·  Support for Disconnected Operation via Architectural Self-Reconfiguration

         Marija Mikic-Rakic and Nenad Medvidovic

·  RepStore: A Self-Managing and Self-Tuning Storage Backend with Smart Bricks

         Zheng Zhang, Shiding Lin, Qiao Lian, and Chao Jin


1030-1100  Break


1100-1230  Session 6A: General Architecture and Environment for

                   Autonomic Computing Systems II

·  Emergence: a Paradigm for Robust and Scalable Distributed Applications

         Richard Anthony

·  Unity: Experiences with a Prototype Autonomic Computing System

         David Chess, Alla Segal, Ian Whalley and Steve White

·  On Identifying Stable Ways to Configure Systems

         Gagan Aggarwal, Mayur Datar, Nina Mishra, and Rajeev Motwani,

·  Bringing Planning to Autonomic Applications with ABLE

         Biplav Srivastava, Joseph Bigus, and Donald Schlosnagle


1100-1230  Session 6B: Storage and Database Systems

·  SANBoost: Automated SAN-Level Caching in Storage Area Network

         Ismail Ari, Melanie Gottwals, and Dick Henze

·  Using the Distiller to direct the development of self-configuration software

         Zachary Kurmas and Kimberly Keeton

·  Recommending Materialized Views and Indexes with IBM’s DB2 Design Advisor

         Daniel Zilio, Calisto Zuzarte, Sam Lightstone, Wenbin Ma, Guy Lohman, Robert   

         Cochrane, Hamid Pirahesh, Latha Colby, Jarek Gryz, Eric Alton, Dongming Liang,

         and Gary Valentin

·  An Agent Based Autonomic Semantic Platform

         Dario Bonino, Alessio Bosca, and Fulvio Corno


1230-1345       Lunch Break


1345-1515  Session 7A: Performance Management in Autonomic Computing  Systems II

·  OnCall: Defeating Spikes with a Free-Market Application Cluster

         James Norris, Keith Coleman, Armando Fox, and George Candea

·  Autonomic Self-Optimization According to business objectives

         Sarel Aiber, Dagan Gilat, Ariel Landau, Natalia Razinkov, Aviad Sela, and Segev


·  Automatic Performance Management in Component Based Software Systems        

        Ada Diaconescu, Adrian Mos, and John Murphy

·  Dynamic Resource Allocation of Shared Data Centers Supporting Multiclass Requests

         Sai Rajesh Mahabhashyam and Natarajan Gautam


1345-1515  Session 7B: Autonomic Computing in Massively Distributed Systems II

·  Autonomous Smart Routing for Network QoS

         Erol Gelenbe, Michael Gellman, Ricardo Lent, Peixiang Liu, and Pu Su

·  Mobilized ad-hoc networks: A reinforcement learning approach

         Yu-Han Chang, Tracey Ho, and Leslie Kaelbling

·  Managing User-centric Adaptive Services for Pervasive Computing

         David Lewis, Tony O'Donnell, Kevin Feeney, Aoife Brady, and Vincent Wade

·  Remote Repair of Operating System State Using Backdoors

         Aniruddha Bohra, Iulian Neamtiu, Pascal Gallard, Florin Sultan, and Liviu Iftode


1515-1545  Break


1545-1730  Panel Discussions

Self-Managing Systems: Views and Visions (Abstract)


         Ken Birman, Professor, Cornell University


         Donald Young, Architect, Adaptive Enterprise, HP

        Jeffrey Frey, Architect, On Demand Infrastructure, IBM

        Anders Vinberg, Senior Architect, Microsoft:

         Jacob Gabrielson, Principal Software Development Engineer, Amazon

         Karsten Schwan, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

1730-1800  Closing Remarks


IEEE & IEEE Computer Society

National Science Foundation

Corporate support from IBM and Sun Microsystems

©ICAC, 2004 all rights reserved