Project DISCOVER (Distributed Interactive Steering and Collaborative Visualization Environment) is an attempt to develop a generic framework that will enable interactive steering of scientific applications and also allow for collaborative visualization of data sets generated by such simulations. We aspire to develop a computational infrastructure that will have the potential of transforming large-scale distributed scientific and engineering simulations into interactive and collaborative ones where numerous scientists, geographically distributed, will monitor, analyse and steer scientific computations. 

Scientific simulations play an increasingly critical role in all areas of science and engineering. The simulations of expensive scientific problems are necessary to validate and justify the investment to be made. Interactive computational steering helps increase the performance of simulations for scientists because it allows them to drive the simulation process by interacting with their data. In addition, collaboration between scientists situated in geographically distributed locations would significantly increase understanding of the complex phenomenon underlying these simulations. 

Project DISCOVER is being developed at The Applied Software Systems Laboratory (TASSL) in the Computer Aids for Industrial Productivity (CAIP) at Rutgers University

Application domains 

DISCOVER aims to build a framework that can be used to integrate a suite of
applications spanning multiple disciplines including 

  • Numerical relativity and relativistic astrophysics 
  • Subsurface modeling  and oil reservoir simulations 
  • Dynamics response of materials 
  • Turbulence modeling, shock- density inhomogeneous interaction 
  • Seismic whole-earth modeling 

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