Foundations for Application-centric Characterization and Partitioning



AMR Overview : A brief overview on Adaptive Mesh Refinement

AMR Infrastructures and Taxonomy : AMR packages/libraries and classification of partitioning strategies

Partitioning Techniques for SAMR Grid Hierarchies : SFC, G-MISP, G-MISP+SP, pBD-ISP, SP-ISP, ParMetis

SAMR Applications : Scalarwave 2D & 3D, Buckley-Leverette 2D & 3D, RM 2D & 3D, EnoAMR 2D, Transport 2D

Partitioning Quality : 5-component metric for PAC evaluation

Octant Approach : Application-centric characterization of partitioning techniques

Adaptive Meta-Partitioner : Dynamic PAC tuple

Partitioner Evaluation : Results from evaluation of partitioning techniques

Application-centric Evaluation : Evaluation of partitioners for RM3D SAMR application

Presentations : 

 PDCS'00 , ARMaDA , Euro-Par'01 , Recommender Systems , Adaptive Partitioning , SC'01